An exclusive paradise

Estaleiro Guest House was founded on December 20, 2004, in the city of Balneário Camboriú-SC. The result of a dream of the couple Antonella and Claudio Schurmann, who saw the fact that they lived in a property far from the center of the city and located in a tropical paradise, the opportunity to host family and close friends, as well as the desire to rise a family with five children. In this way they idealized the construction of more rooms and in the future more houses that would then serve for lodging.
Today it has a unit in Estaleiro beach with 21 accommodations, structure and services that bring luxury accommodation, comfort, foot in the sand, spectacular cuisine, well-trained staff and a space conducive and romantic to the accomplishment of weddings. "

The Estaleiro Guest House has stood out in the lodging and events sector thanks to its innovative and effective strategies, result of well-designed planning. This procedure has been fundamental in consolidating the brand, as well as ensuring significant and sustained growth for the company.

Everyone is always very welcome!