Pet Lovers

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Nowadays, pets are no longer "pets" to become family members. That's why Estaleiro Guest House is instituting in its communication the affectionate expression of “pet lovers”, because all employees really love dogs and spoil pet visitors a lot.
From kit lodging, with good night service, hot to sleep and even special cookies. Pets can sleep with their tutors in their apartments and suites, and enjoy all areas of the inn, running free across the lawns and gardens, except eating areas like the bistro and breakfast. Of course you have to respect other guests, who come to the hostel to relax, but responsibly you can have a harmonious coexistence.

On your next vacation do not leave your pet behind, your loyal friend also deserves to have fun. Let our Reservation team know that you would like to bring your pet and we will arrange everything for him to have the best stay in our paradise.

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