Master Apart

Apart Apart Apart Luxury Apart Apart Apart Suite Suite Suite tree Suite Suite Luxury Suite Suite Suite Suite Executiva

Total area 26m², balcony with sea view and swimming pool, accommodates double and / or two singles, holds a children's mattress or cot, we have 2 rooms in this category.


Luxury Apart Super Luxury Apart Master Apart Luxury Suite Fig tree Suite Super Luxury Suite Master Suite Suíte Executiva
01/11 a 30/11 R$490.00 R$540.00 R$620.00 R$690.00 R$690.00 R$890.00 R$890.00 R$690.00
01/11 a 30/11 R$320.00 R$390.00 R$390.00 R$490.00 R$490.00 R$590.00 R$590.00 R$490.00
01/12 a 22/12 R$890.00 R$990.00 R$1,100.00 R$1,200.00 R$1,200.00 R$1,500.00 R$1,500.00 R$1,300.00
01/12 a 22/12 R$590.00 R$690.00 R$750.00 R$800.00 R$750.00 R$950.00 R$950.00 R$800.00
03/01 a 31/01 R$830.00 R$910.00 R$1,000.00 R$1,100.00 R$1,100.00 R$1,400.00 R$1,400.00 R$1,200.00
Daily rate for couples with breakfast, parking, wi-fi. Except holidays. Not valid for weddings and events. Cash payment.