Master Suite

Apart Apart Apart Luxury Apart Apart Apart Suite Suite Suite tree Suite Suite Luxury Suite Suite Suite Suite Executiva

Total area 58sqm balcony with view to the sea and pool, sleeps up to two people (one double), child mattress or cradle. We have 2 units of this category.


Luxury Apart Super Luxury Apart Master Apart Luxury Suite Fig tree Suite Super Luxury Suite Master Suite Suíte Executiva
01/11 a 30/11 R$490.00 R$540.00 R$620.00 R$690.00 R$690.00 R$890.00 R$890.00 R$690.00
01/11 a 30/11 R$320.00 R$390.00 R$390.00 R$490.00 R$490.00 R$590.00 R$590.00 R$490.00
01/12 a 22/12 R$890.00 R$990.00 R$1,100.00 R$1,200.00 R$1,200.00 R$1,500.00 R$1,500.00 R$1,300.00
01/12 a 22/12 R$590.00 R$690.00 R$750.00 R$800.00 R$750.00 R$950.00 R$950.00 R$800.00
03/01 a 31/01 R$830.00 R$910.00 R$1,000.00 R$1,100.00 R$1,100.00 R$1,400.00 R$1,400.00 R$1,200.00
Daily rate for couples with breakfast, parking, wi-fi. Except holidays. Not valid for weddings and events. Cash payment.